BASE jumping is widely recognized as one of the most perilous recreational activities globally. This table offers a statistical overview of fatalities in BASE jumping from 1981 to the present day. While the available data is not exhaustive due to the covert nature of many jumps, it provides insight into the risks associated with the sport. The current BASE number exceeds 1,800, and as of February 6, 2013, the World Base Fatality List had reached 97 fatalities.

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Fatalities in BASE Jumping (2015-2016)

Year Date Name Object Location Cause of Death
2016 Aug 13 Laurent Bes Earth Savoie, France Impact
2016 Aug 13 Lee Jackson Earth Cima Capi, Italy Impact
2016 Aug 13 Severin Ott Earth High Titlis, Switzerland Impact
2016 Aug 11 Olivier Chap Gonthier Earth Sunndal, Norway Impact
2016 Aug 11 Katherine Donahue Earth Croix Des Têtes, France Impact
2016 Aug 7 Dave Reader Earth Chamonix, France Cliff Strike
2016 Aug 7 Gage Galle Earth Eikesdal, Norway Impact
2016 Aug 6 Cam Minni Earth Miners Peak, Alberta, Canada Impact
2016 Jul 19 Tessa Heyl Antenna Gelderland, Afferden, Holland Impact
2016 Jul 1 Nebojsa Jimmy Jandric Earth Casale, Italy Low Pull
2016 Jun 29 John Van Horne Earth Chamonix, France Impact
2016 Jun 26 Gary Jewbag Kremer Earth Squamish B.C., Canada Impact
2016 Jun 25 Michael Leming Earth Kjerag, Norway Pin Lock Malfunction
2016 Jun 23 Christopher Labounty Earth Torri del Vajolet-Dolomites, Italy Impact
2016 Jun 8 Dario Zanon Earth Chamonix, France Impact
2016 Jun 5 Fernando Brito Earth Gavea, Rio, Brazil Impact
2016 May 13 Kristin Czyz Span Perrine Bridge, Idaho, USA Impact
2016 Apr 20 Roy Kenneth Roland Earth Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Low Pull
2016 Apr 4 Stephane Thevenaz Earth Les Evouettes, Switzerland Cliff Strike
2016 Mar 31 Brandon Jackson Antenna Metcalf, Georgia, USA Impact
2016 Mar 13 Patrick Kerber Earth Titlis, Switzerland Impact
2016 Jan 20 Ulli Wambach Earth Mount La Roda Paganella, Italy Impact
2016 Jan 20 Rami Kipa Kajala Span Big Sur, California, USA Drowning
2016 Jan 20 Katie Connell Span Big Sur, California, USA Drowning
2016 Jan 12 Mathew Kenney Earth Arizona, USA Impact
2015 Dec 26 Philippe Jean Earth Le Brevent, France Impact
2015 Oct 30 Joel Frederick Harris Earth Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Impact
2015 Oct 26 Sebastien Coquillard Earth Paglia Orba, Corsica, France Impact
2015 Oct 5 Bertrand Pasquier Earth Le Saint Eynard, Grenoble, France Impact
2015 Oct 1 Johnny Strange Earth Gitschen, Switzerland Impact
2015 Sep 12 Mehmet Susam Earth Brevent, France Impact
2015 Sep 10 Dennis Valdez Earth Middle Malchstuel, Switzerland Impact
2015 Sep 9 Dave Buchanan Earth Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France Impact
2015 Aug 27 Michele Giometti Earth Kandersteg, Switzerland Impact
2015 Aug 22 Magnus Nypan Earth Sputnik, Switzerland Impact
2015 Jul 24 Fernando M Goncalves Earth Gavea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Impact
2015 Jul 21 Ian Flanders Earth Kemaliye, Turkey Impact
2015 Jul 21 Avishai Schwartzberg Earth Eiger, Switzerland Impact
2015 Jul 10 Damian Hrdlicka Earth Gitschen, Switzerland Impact
2015 Jul 4 Juerg Liniger Earth Grand Chavalard, Switzerland Impact
2015 Jul 3 Jhonathon Florez Earth Switzerland Impact
2015 Jun 4 Kedley Olivetti Earth Pedra do Cabrito, Brazil Impact
2015 May 28 Alexey Alekseev Earth Miat-Loam Ingushetia, Russia Impact
2015 May 16 Dean Potter Earth Yosemite, California, USA Impact
2015 May 16 Graham Hunt Earth Yosemite, California, USA Impact
2015 May 14 Sebastian Muller Earth Brento, Italy Impact
2015 May 7 Jim Hickey Span Perrine Bridge, Idaho, USA Impact
2015 May 4 Niccolo Lettich Earth Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Low Pull
2015 Mar 9 Bryan Turner Span Perrine Bridge, Idaho, USA Impact
2015 Feb 2 Channing Armstrong Earth Hollister, California, USA Impact
2015 Jan 15 Joshua Sheppard Antenna River Junction, Michigan, USA Impact

This list highlights the inherent dangers of BASE jumping, emphasizing the need for caution and respect for the sport’s risks. Each entry serves as a reminder of the bravery and adventurous spirit of those who participate in this extreme activity. For a more detailed and updated list, visit